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Our vision is to:

  1. 1.Train Ghanaian teachers, so they can share yoga’s benefits in their own communities (in the languages they prefer). 

  2. 2.Teach everyone the tools of yoga for health, wellness and disease prevention; and how it helps manage health conditions.

  3. 3.Share information about all yoga classes, workshops, training and varied alternative health and healing modalities, in and around Accra.

  4. 4.Open a permanent Ghana Yoga! Center in Accra, offering yoga and meditation and maybe alternative health therapies.

Our team is a mix of Ghanaians and expatriates, some certified teachers of  Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, others certified and teaching different hatha yoga styles. We’re growing a community of teachers, therapists and students, who want to be healthy and happy every day.  Many seeds for yoga in Accra were planted by Krishna Kaur, one of the top yoga trainers in the world, who has come to Ghana and Togo for decades to teach and train teachers.

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Questions? email: info@3HOAfrica.org  or call USA 323.735.0500